How to order Johnny Boy? First, visit our Square checkout page. This is the only way to order online. Next, select the right location for you. As a traveling pop-up, we are constantly on the move! Also, be aware of the cut-off order times. Johnny Boy is a one-man-band and ordering ahead helps saves time for not only us, but for you too! At this point, you'll be able to checkout like any other food app. Choose between longganisa, fried chicken adobo or our tortang talong. The 20% admin fee is still a working topic. Admin fee replaces tipping to guarantee whoever is working with us (temporary employees) has been paid a Boston livable wage.
Johnny Boy is a growing business and we value every guest and their purchases. Coming from a big Filipino family, honor, loyalty and respect comes a long way. We understand that some people might not share the same belief and that is why we have to add this refund and return policy. If we could, we’d honor every refund and return. But that wouldn’t be a sustainable business. We have to eat too! Please email us at or DM us on Instagram: @JohnnyBoyEats for any questions. Salamat!